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Eco-Inovvation Class

From inequality and social disparities through resource depletion and the climate crisis, the 21st century poses new challenges to human society. Alongside the difficulties, these challenges carry a tremendous business opportunity.

A new and inspiring podcast produced by the students in Prof. Tamar Makov's Eco-Innovation course sets out to examine environmental challenges and problems that modern technology initiatives have to deal with. Students met with researchers and executives at the most exciting startups (e.g. Moovit) to bring the newest solutions to the public's attention. 

TA: Shira Shabtai

Recording & editing: Artyom Pindiorin and Dr. Bozi Raviv
Produced in collaboration with "Meshanim Kivon", the teaching quality unit at Ben Gurion University.

Solar and Wind
City Square
Air Conditioner
Traffic Jam
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