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Tamar Meshulam

Sustainable Food Systems | Data Science for The Environment

As part of her PhD, Tamar Meshulam studies the environmental implications of the sharing economy and specifically food sharing using industrial economy and data science tools with focus on rebound effects. Tamar holds a Masters in Environmental Management and a BA in Computer science and general humanities from Tel Aviv university. Before starting her PhD, she worked in the software industry as a developer and team leader for over 15 years. Tamar won both  the PLATE Best Student Paper Award and 3rd place in ISIE best poster award during 2021. Her work is funded by the BGU School for Sustainability and Climate Change, the ​​The Kreitman school of Advanced Graduate Studies, and the Israeli Science Foundation (ISF). 

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Inbar Blum

Environmental Public Policy | Sustainable Supply Chain

Inbar Blum is a graduate of the Technion in Haifa, Israel, where she has completed both an MBA in the Faculty of Industrial Engineering and Management and a bachelor’s degree in Agricultural Engineering. She also holds a Master of Advanced Management from the Yale School of Management (SOM), where she focused on how to create innovation in government & corporate responsibility. Inbar manages in the Israel Innovation Authority the funding of startups that want to collaborate with governmental entities. She believes that the government plays a key role as a 'first mover' by providing financial support to innovative businesse.

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Rotem Roichman

Sustainable Fashion Supply Chain | Apparel Consumption Behavior

Rotem holds a bachelor's degree with honors in psychology, geography and German from Tel Aviv University. She is currently a PhD student working towards her thesis on the environmental impact of eCommerce returns. During her studies she has been involved in the worlds of database management and digital marketing for the past seven years. Since 2020, Rotem writes a blog about fashion consumption and seeks to expose a wider Israeli audience to the sustainable fashion discourse.  She has won scholarships from the  School of Sustainability and Climate Change and the Guilford Glazer Faculty of Business & Management (as part of the Honor Students Program).


Ayelet Harari Katz

Impact Entrepreneurship | Impact Measurement

Ayelet holds a Master's in Business Administration and a Bachelor's in Social Work. She is currently working on her thesis on the social impacts of impact venture in the real estate industry on local and marginalized communities. She is also researching the gaps in the impact measurement arena. Ayelet is passionate about combining her social and business interests to study the emerging field of the impact economy. Before returning to the academy, Ayelet worked as a manager and social entrepreneur in the public and non-profit sectors. She believes that the private sector has a key role in achieving social goals and sustainability through finance and innovation. 

Past students

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Eyal Ackerman

FoodTech | Entrepreneurship | Animal Welfare

Eyal Ackerman is pursuing his Bachelor of Arts degree in Management and Entrepreneurship at Ben Gurion University. In the past year he co-founded Ben Gurion University’s FoodTech Community, as part of the University’s Entrepreneurship Center.  As a life-long vegan and activist for the past ten years, Eyal is motivated by concerns for animal welfare, environmental sustainability and health.  Eyal is a member of the guided research team, studying the environmental effects of alternative proteins.


Shira Shabtai

Consumer Behavior | Sustainable Supply Chain | eCcommerce

Shira Shabtai is a researcher studying the impact of the eCommerce industry on the environment. Shira is very passionate about combining these two areas of interest in her professional life. Shira holds a & in Environmental Economics and Management from the Hebrew University. She has a demonstrated history of working in the internet industry. Her vas experience includes Project management, Marketing, and optimization. Her creative skills helped businesses reach the right audiences at the right time with a relevant message across multiple channels.

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Sarah Goldberg

Social Movements | Housing Policy | Qualitative Methods

Sarah researches the sharing economy, bringing together her interests in urban social movements, housing, and individual level responses to changes in the global economy. She has a Ph.D in Urban Planning from the Technion, an M.Sc in Comparative Social Policy from Oxford, and a BA in Political Science from Swarthmore.

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