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Inaugural Frontiers in Sustainability Forum

Consumption is a topic that cuts across various areas of sustainability in a fundamental way. Join us at Friday, July 8 2022, 5:30 PM - 7:00 PM (GMT+2) for an interactive panel discussion.

Participants will have the opportunity to engage in the discussion with world’s leading scholars in this field.


  • Professor Paul Ekins (University College London): Economics

  • Dr. Iana Nesterova (Umeå University): Degrowth

  • Professor Julia Steinberger (University of Lausanne): Living Well Within Limit

  • Dr. Tamar Makov (Ben-Gurion University): Behavioral change

  • Professor Rutger Hoekstra (Leiden University): Beyond GDP


  • Dr. Sylivia Lorek (Sustainable Europe Research Institute): Sustainable consumption

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